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Color Measurement
Light Measurement
Display Measurement
Color Matcher Series
Appearance Measurement
Liquid Coating Testing
Software Solution
Color Measurement
Bench Top Spectrophotometers
CM-5 CM-3600A/3610A CM-3630 CM-3700A
Portable Spectrophotometer with d/8 Geometry
CM-600d/700d CM-2500d CM-2600d
Portable Spectrophotometer with 45/0 Geometry
CM-25cG (NEW) CM-2500c
Multi-Angle Spectrophotometer

CM-512m3A CM-M6 (NEW)
Chroma Meter Color Reader Color Reader Baking Contrast
CR-400/410 CR-10 Plus (NEW) CR-20 (NEW) BC-10 Plus (NEW)
Gloss Meter ChlorophyII Meter

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