GTI ColorMatcher® 6500K

CMLite For Critical Color Matching, Inspection And Aesthetic Appraisal

A properly designed color matching system takes into consideration the output and color quality of the lamps as well as the proper surround (Munsell N7), the reflector, and the diffuser. In order to assure excellent color rendition and tight tolerance to industry standards and visual agreement, GTI produces the GTI ColorMatcher brand of lamps. These lamps have exceptional color rendering properties and provide consistent and accurate D65 color quality. They not only include energy in the visible spectrum, but also in the near UV area of the spectrum to provide a far more accurate simulation of true daylight to observe the effects of fluorescent brighteners. GTI ColorMatcher D65 lamps are available in a wide range of sizes.

GTI ColorMatcher 6500K lamps are manufactured with a unique blend of fluorescent phosphors that is unequaled by any other 6500 Kelvin lamp in the industry. GTI lamps produce a true full spectrum white light which renders colors with the highest degree of accuracy and efficiency. When used in GTI color matching systems, the GTI ColorMatcher 6500K lamp produces an actual system CRI rating of B/C based on CIE Standard 15.2 and Publication 51, one of the highest in the industry.

 A change in this system’s formulation can create a slight color cast that will impact color assessment, resulting in a viewing environment that is not ASTM compliant. To maintain an ASTM D1729 compliant viewing system, use only GTI ColorMatcher lamps and relamp regularly.

CMLite Standard Features:

  • ASTM D1729, SAE J361, and ISO 3668 compliance
  • Superior to other 6500 Kelvin lamps
  • CRI rating of B/C
  • Full spectrum daylight
Replacement CMlite Lamps
T8 (1″ diameter)
F11T8/CM651115″ (38 cm)
F15T8/CM651518″ (46 cm)
F17T8/CM651724″ (61 cm)
F25T8/CM652536″ (91 cm)
F32T8/CM653248″ (122 cm)
F40T8/CM654060″ (152 cm)*
Available in any quantity. Standard packages are 8 or 30 (*8 or 24 for 60″ lamps).
T12 (1.5″ diameter)
F40T12/CM654048″ (122 cm)
Available in any quantity. Standard packages are 6 or 30.