Setting The Standard For Accuracy And Reliability In Spectral Measurement

The CAS 140CT, the 3rd generation standard array spectrometer and most successful model from Instrument Systems. Accurate, robust, and reliable, this instrument offers a peerless combination of attributes. Able to take very accurate measurements, the CAS 140CT is exceptionally stable and durable, even when used continuously in rugged manufacturing environments.

At the heart of the CAS 140CT is an optimized crossed Czerny-Turner spectrograph featuring highly efficient stray light suppression and a wide dynamic range. The integrated density filter wheel extends the intensity measuring range to nine orders of magnitude. Thus the instrument can measure both very low and very high light intensities without requiring manual adjustments to the measuring setup. Its position recognition method for both the shutter and the density filter wheel make the spectrometer even more mechanically reliable. This feature is particularly  valuable for critical measurement tasks and rugged applications in production testing.

Integrated for the first time in the CAS 140CT, an Ident key identifies accessories to enable reliable operation with several measurement adapters. The code in the measurement adapter’s Ident key is compared with the information in the currently selected calibration file. If they do not match, the software application issues a warning message.