dms 201

Characterization Of Emissive, Transmissive, Reflective And Transflective Displays

DMS 201 Display Measurement Systems is the entry level goniometer for analyzing electro-optical characteristic of flat panel displays developed by Instrument Systems

The DMS 201 is an ideal system for applications that do not require automated angular scans. It is a cost-effective goniometer for analyzing the electro-optical characteristics of displays. The measurement system is based on a manual positioning device with 2 axes (optionally 3 axes) and is used to determine luminance, contrast, and color properties at variable electrical driving and various viewing angles.

Measurements and evaluations

  • Angular scan: variation of luminance, contrast and chromaticity with viewing direction for evaluation of directional uniformities and BRDF
  • EOC: variation of luminance, contrast and chromaticity with electrical driving for evaluation of EOTF-characteristics (e.g. threshold-, saturation-voltage, gamma)
  • Transients: luminance versus time for e.g. response time evaluation
  • Reflectance characteristics under diffuse and directional illumination
  • Comprehensive software package for measurement analysis (optional)
  • Customer specific measurements defined with DCI scripting sequences

Display Measurement Systems DMS 201

  • 2 manual axes for angular positioning and adjustment
  • Measurement and evaluation of emissive, transmissive, reflective, and transflective displays
  • For evaluation of all photometric and colorimetric characteristics versus angle of inclination, electrical driving, time and temperature

Display Measurement Systems DMS


Specification subject to change without prior notice