dts 500

Automated Display, Panel Graphic and LED Lamp Module  Measurement Systems

Instrument Systems DTS 500 display measurement system is built with motorized positioning system allow you to create a complete system for automated measurement sequences. 

The DTS 500 positioning system is in particular suitable for determining viewing angle dependent properties and spatial homogeneity of display, panel graphics and LED lamp modules. The DTS 500 saves valuable time by eliminating manual alignment. In addition, you obtain measurement results that are more accurate and easier to reproduce. Instrument Systems also supplies software drivers and mechanical adapters for photometers from other manufacturers.

Operation of the entire 5-axis system is fully integrated into the SpecWin Pro software. Measurement results can be viewed as luminance and contrast distributions in Cartesian or spherical coordinates with isocontour lines. Data can additionally be exported in table format to Excel.

When carrying out display measurements, the measurement spot location can be monitored using a video camera that is attached to the eyepiece on the TOP 100 telescope probe. This allows the user to easily define and verify a complete measurement sequence. The output of the video camera is connected to a monitor that can be placed next to the control computer of the positioner for convenient operation.

Display Measurement System DTS 500

  • Standalone XYZ positioners (260 to 560 mm max. travel range)
  • Standalone 2-axis goniometers (up to 70 cm diagonal sample size)
  • Complete turnkey 5-axis positioners with optical table
  • Integrated with SpecWin software for Windows 95/98/NT
  • Luminance and color measurements of graphics and switches
  • Goniometric measurements of lamps and LED modules
  • Display testing in conformance with VESA and ISO standards
  • BRDF reflection measurement of displays

Display Measurement System DTS 500