top 200

Precise Measurement Of Radiance And Luminance, As Well As The Chromaticity Of Displays, Panel Graphics And Other Light Sources

The TOP 200 is a completely new development that is based on an optimized Pritchard style optical system with integrated view-finder camera. This allows users to visualize the field of view on a computer screen and to monitor the measuring spot position while measurements are being taken.

A multimode fiber is used to guide the light radiation from the TOP 200 to the spectrometer. The patented mode mixer from Instrument Systems delivers uniform light transmission into the fiber and hence reproducible measurements even if the position of the fiber is changed.

An innovative optical concept was implemented in the TOP 200. The aperture mirror is inclined at an angle of 15° to the plane of the image and this creates a sharply defined measuring spot. The standard inclination angle of 45° used in competing products leads to unfocused edges because parts of the measuring spot are significantly displaced from the plane of the image. The holes drilled in the aperture mirror of the TOP 200 are also designed to be slightly elliptical in order to compensate for the 15° angle and guarantee a perfectly round measuring spot.

A large number of lenses can be flange-mounted securely and quickly on the TOP 200 using the F-mount bayonet connector from Nikon. This system covers a large range of different measuring-spot diameters and object distances.

Top 200 Telescopic Optical Probe

  • Pritchard optics with an aperture mirror inclined at only 15° delivers perfectly round and sharp image spots (products from other manufacturers can exhibit ellipticity and blur)
  • flexible connection via optical fibers incorporating a patented mode mixer ensures reproducible results and very low polarization sensitivity
  • 4 different measurement spot sizes selectable via software
  • internal alignment camera with a wide field of view
  • smallest measurement spot 80 µm
  • optional illumination of the test object  

Top 200 Telescopic Optical Probe