lgs 1000 goniophotometers

Large Scale Measurement Systems For LED Module And SSL Light Source

The LGS 1000 is ideal for the analysis of angle-dependent spatial radiation characteristics of large LED modules, solid-state lighting (SSL) products and conventional lamps and luminaires. It can be operated together with a photometer as a conventional goniophotometer or with a spectrometer as a high-quality goniospectroradiometer. This allows all important performance characteristics such as luminous intensity distribution curves, luminous flux, color coordinates and even color rendering index to be measured with maximum precision.

Instrument Systems LGS 1000 goniophotometer accommodates samples up to a diameter of 2 m and a maximum weight of 50 kg. The sample table measures 210 mm x 210 mm and can easily be reached using accessible steps on the goniometer. It is fitted with 3 x 3 size 6 grooves. Different thread inserts and fitting bushes facilitate  reproducible and safe fixing of the test specimen. This allows easy and quick mounting of customer-specific sample holders.

The goniophotometer system from Instrument Systems includes a comprehensive range of  accessories such as the luminous flux integrator which measures test objects up to a diameter of 200 mm in their required burning position in conformance with standards CIE S 025, EN 13032-4 and IES LM-79-2008. An additional burning position correction enables the characterization of larger probes. 

LGS 1000 Goniophotometer

  • Type C goniophotometer for specimens up to 1900 mm in diameter
  • Accessible steps facilitate mounting of samples
  • Accurate determination of luminous intensity and luminous flux
  • Angular-resolved analysis of spectral and colorimetric quantities
  • Optional luminous flux integrator
  • Optional burning position correction

LGS 1000 Goniophotometer

ModelLGS 100 Goniophotometer
CIE goniometer typeC,  ꝩ coordinate system with horizontal optical axis
DriversSynchronous servo motors with angular encoders
Angular range C axis-90° to + 270°, protection with end switches
Angular range ꝩ axis±165°, protection with end switches
Resolution of the angle encoder0.01°
Reproducibility C axis≤ 0.1° (at rated load); ≤ 0.2° (under max. load)
Reproducibility  ꝩ axis≤ 0.1° (at rated load); ≤ 0.1° (under max. load)
Angular speed C axis3.1 °/s to 50 °/s selectable (16 speeds)
Angular speed  ꝩ axis1.8 °/s to 30 °/s selectable (16 speeds)
Travel range Z axis50 to 500 mm via hand crank (integrated measuring scale in mm)
Clear height1005 mm
Dimensions (H x W X D); weight1852 x 1492 x 1798 mm; approx. 660 kg
Height of work area for mounting421.5 mm (height of second step above the floor)
Height adjustability±25 mm above adjustable feet
Radius of action2000 mm
Minimum room height for operation of systems3000 x 3000 mm (minimum safety area); 2700 mm room height
Alignment laserIntegrated in the center of rotation of the ꝩ and C axis, 1 mW, laser class 2
Machine safetyEmergency stop switch on goniometer/LGS Controller; optional safety laser scanner
Power Suuply; consumption230 V AC / 50 Hz; 1000VA
Height of operation0 ~ 2000 m
Sample table
Mounting plate210 x 210 mm with 3 x 3 grooves size 6; also various insert with tapped threads
Maximum sample size1000 mm max. extension from the centre point of the mounting plate
Rated and maximum load rangeto 30 kg / to 50 kg
Electrical sample connection2 x 2 safety banana sockets 4 mm for specimen power supply; max. 600V, 10A
2 x 2 safety banana socket 2mm for probe cable;  max 600V, 0.5A
2 safety bana sockets 4 mm for protective conductor
Safety bana socket for thermal probe connection (Force/Sense and Screen); max. 50V
9 pole Sub-D socket; data line for control signals (e.g. DALI, DMX, cAN(; max. 50V
LGS Controller
FunctionsDriving the stepper motors for the goniometer; display of the angle positions; optional display of measured values for the photometer
InterfacesRS-232C for connecting a PC; CAN bus for DSP photometer and RecoCAN remote control 
Power supply230 VAC / 50 Hz
Power rating120W
Dimensions (H x W X D); weightapprox. 133 x 482 x 370 mm plus 130 mm for rear-panel connections; approx. 7 kg
Safety Controller
FunctionsMain switch, enabling of the motors, Emergency Stop switch, changeover of operating modes
InterfacesCAN Bus for goniometer and LGS Controller, power supply goniometer, 15 pole Sub-D for Emergency Stop, 25 pole Sub-D for safety, 2 power sockets
Power supply and consumption230 V; max 2000VA
Dimensions (H x W X D); weight133 x 482 x 370 mm plus 130 mm for rear-panel connections; approx. 7 kg
Control cabinet
Functions19” control cabinet for Safety and LGS Controller, and option test specimen power supply
Dimensions (H x W X D); weightApprox. 1700 x 550 x 600 mm; approx 50 kg
Valid standardsEN 61326-1, EN 61000-3-2, EN 61000-3-3, EN 60204-1, EN 61010-1
Ambient conditions+10°C to +40°C; 70 % RH not condensing

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