lumicam 1300 advanced

With New 6-Filters Technology

Instrument Systems Lumicam 1300 Advanced is built with 6-filter technology with the objective of further enhancing the measuring accuracy of the LumiCam 1300 Color, especially regarding color light and narrowband LED color light. Alongside the four optical filters of the LumiCam 1300 Color (X’1, X’2, Y’, Z’), two additional filters (K’, L’) are used. In combination with an optimized algorithm, the tristimulus values are calculated much more accurately compared with previous methods.  Using 6 filters effectively makes adjustment to the sensitivity curves more accurate and is implemented in practical terms by calculating the tristimulus values from multiplication of a 3×6 adaptation matrix with the six output channels. The adaptation matrix is determined individually for each LumiCam 1300 Advanced in the calibration process and optimizes the accuracy of the relevant quantities.

Characterization of the color coordinates is always critical and has been significantly improved with this patent-pending technology. Instrument Systems LumiCam 1300 Advanced is therefore the ideal measuring instrument for all applications where precise determination of color coordinates is a top priority.

LED LCD TV | Automotive Cluster  | Car Infortainment Display | SmartPhone | Tablet PC and etc

Instrument Systems Lumicam 1300 Advanced 2D Imaging Colorimeter 

  • 1370 x 1020 effective pixels
  • Wide measuring range of 0.1 mcd/m² to 109 cd/m²
  • Automatic signal level of the CCD sensor
  • Multiple exposure delivers five decades of dynamic range in one image
  • For charactersization of luminance, luminous intensity, luminous intensity distibution,  chromaticity (x,y: u’v’) CCT, DW, color purity and optimized LED color measurement

Instrument Systems Lumicam 1300 Advanced 2D Imaging Colorimeter

LumiCam 1300




Effective number of pixels
(h x v)

1370 x 1020

Dynamic range (single exposure mode)1)

4,600 : 1

Dynamic range (multiple exposure mode)1)

6,000,000 : 1

Simple measuring range2)

0.1 mcd/m² … 100,000 cd/m²

Extended measuring range3),4) 

Up to 109 cd/m²

Accuracy for standard illuminant A5)

±4 %

±4 %

±4 %

Accuracy for LED color light6)

±2 %


±1 %

Filter match 8 )

f1‘ = 1.6 %

Accuracy (x, y) for standard illuminant A4)



Accuracy (x, y) for color light4), 9)



Accuracy (x, y) for LED color light 4), 6)