lumicam 1300 color

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Instrument Systems Lumicam 1300 Color imaging colorimeter is designed and built with 4-filters to adjust the camera to the eye sensitivity functions x̄, ȳ, z̄. This enables the instrument to take significantly more accurate measurements than colorimeters with only three filters, because it has two separate filters to display the red and blue wavelength range of the x̄ function.

The Lumicam 1300 color use a high-quality CCD sensor with 1370 x 1020 pixels. A calibrated luminance, and possibly a color value, is assigned to each pixel during the measurement. This results in the creation of two-dimensional images presenting the spatially resolved measurement values coded for brightness or color.

Lumicam 1300 Color supplied with image-processing software simultaneously analyzes the recorded data. This gives the user immediate access to a large number of measured quantities. The  comprehensive software package with specially developed analysis tools permits easy further analysis of the measuring results for all areas of application.

LED LCD TV | Automotive Cluster  | Car Infortainment Display | SmartPhone | Tablet PC etc

Instrument Systems Lumicam 1300 Color Imaging Colorimeter 

  • 1370 x 1020 effective pixels
  • Wide measuring range of 0.1 mcd/m² to 109 cd/m²
  • Automatic signal level of the CCD sensor
  • Multiple exposure delivers five decades of dynamic range in one image.
  • For charactersization of luminance, luminous intensity, luminous intensity distibution,  chromaticity (x,y: u’v’) CCT, DW and color purity.

Instrument Systems Lumicam 1300 Color Imaging Colorimeter