lumicam 2400 color

Outstanding Performance Built With Higher Accuracy, Optimized For Automotive Display Measurement

Instrument Systems built and designed LumiCam 2400 to captures both luminance and color distributions of screens or multifunction displays within seconds. It provides 5 megapixel images which present the spatially resolved measured values coded for luminance and chromaticity. The LumiCam 2400 models are perfect for versatile automotive test applications, e.g. measurement of luminance and color distributions of displays and control elements or uniformity analysis of flat panel display screens in car interiors.

Instrument Systems LumiCam 2400 2D imaging colorimeter comes in three variants. The LumiCam 2400 Color adds four filters for chromaticity measurements beside luminance measurement and is perfect for broadband light sources. To achieve optimal measurement results for LED based test objects,  The 5 megapixel resolution of all models allows for convenient imaging and analysis of whole instrument clusters or small details with high resolution. Objective lenses with focal lengths ranging from 28 mm to 100 mm are supplied for all three models.

The LumiCam 2400 Color is equipped with a positioning wheel holding the four color filters X1′, X2′, Y’ and Z’, jointly resembling the tristimulus functions of the eye receptors. Thus, the camera gives access to a detailed analysis of the color coordinates (x, y and u’, v’), correlated color temperature, dominant wavelength as well as color purity.

Automotive Cluster  | Car Infortainment Display | LED LCD TV | SmartPhone | Tablet PC etc

Instrument Systems Lumicam 2400 Color 2D Imaging Colorimeter

  • High-resolution sensor up to five megapixels
  • Wide luminance measuring range – up to 13 orders of magnitude
  • Multiple exposures allow a dynamic range of five decades in a single image

Instrument Systems Lumicam 2400 Color 2D Imaging Colorimeter