LumiTop 2700

 Fast 2D Measurements With Unprecedented Accuracy  That Offers All The Advantages Of Classical Imaging Colorimetry

Instrument Systems LumiTop-Series combines the accuracy of well-known spectroradiometers CAS-Series with the obvious advantages of imaging colorimetry.

LumiTop 2700 is built and designed using Instrument Systems innovative design merges an RGB camera and a flicker-diode with the high-end spectroradiometer CAS 140D. Using the extremely accurate spectral information of the CAS 140 measurements as reference, guarantees spectroradiometric precision across the whole 2D image.

As a result, the LumiTop Series not only performs fast 2D measurements with unprecedented accuracy but also offers all the advantages of classical imaging colorimetry. Because of this unique combination, the LumiTop systems are perfect for use in display production lines or quality control, where the benefits and capabilities of both the accurate spot measurement of spectroradiometers and the lateral resolution of camera measurements are highly valued.

The LumiTop 2700 is built with a resolution of 6.1 megapixels. The LumiTop systems are integrated in Instrument Systems’ comprehensive new software “LumiSuite”, which comes with a user-friendly GUI for laboratory applications and a powerful software development kit for easy implementation into any production line.

Instrument systems LumiTop 2700

  • 2D measurements with unprecedented accuracy due tohigh-end reference spectroradiometer CAS 140CT/D
  • 3-in-1 measurement device (spectroradiometer, RGB camera and flicker diode)
  • Easy integration in production lines
  • No golden sample calibrations are needed
  • Most detailed spectral information

Instrument systems LumiTop 2700