MAS 40

Low Cost Entry Level Design For Quality And Precision Measurement Tools For LEDs Lamp.

Instrument Systems MAS 40 mini-array spectrometer is value for money,  very versatile and ideal for application in industrial quality control, research and development work. The MAS 40 meets all the quality specifications guaranteed by Instrument Systems in a spectroradiometer designed for absolute measurement of light radiation in cost-sensitive applications. The full range of accessories from Instrument Systems can be connected to the MAS 40 using a fiber optic cable. This capability allows users to access the full range of applications offered by the instrument.

The MAS 40 mini-array spectrometer requires no dedicated power supply because power is provided via the USB port. This makes the MAS 40 ideal for mobile applications.

Like all spectrometers from Instrument Systems, optical fiber connectivity provides access to all the measurement adapter accessories. This capability supports for a wide range of applications. Flexibility of this nature means that the MAS 40 is also ideal as a cost-effective instrument for
research and development work.


Industrial Quality Control  | General Color & Light Measurement In Lab| Light Education 

Mini Array Spectrometer MAS 40

  • Cost-effective and robust CCD spectrometer technology
  • Standard USB interface
  • Compatible with all Instrument Systems measuring adapters
  • Different models for UV / VIS / NIR spectral range
  • Optimized for spectroradiometry and spectrophotometry
  • Easy operation using SpecWin Light software
  • DLL and LabVIEW driver available for writing custom software

MAS40 Mini-Array Spectrometer

Spectral Range (nm)250 ~ 830

380 – 950

DetectorCCD line sensor
Number of pixels2048
Spectral resolution2.7 nm
Data Point Interval0.33nm
Wavelength Accuracy¹⁾± 0.5nm
Integration time4 msec ~ 20 sec 
Linearity± 2.5%
Stray light (broadband with Std Illumination A)²⁾2.10E-3 at 400nm
Sensitivity range for iirradiance³⁾1μW/m²nm ~ 0.5 W/m²nm
Signal sensitivity at 1s integration time³⁾20μW/m²nm
Spectrradiometric accuracy⁴⁾±7%
Baseline noise⁵⁾±0.5%
Photometric transmission accuracy⁶⁾±1%
Baseline drift⁶⁾0.5%/h
AD converter15 bit
PC interfaceUSB
Dimension (H x W x D mm)145 x 90 x 185 mm
Power consumptionapprox. 650mW (via USB interface)
Ambient temperature15 – 35 °C; relative humidity 70 %
Weightapprox. 2.1 kg

¹⁾ Applies to penray lamp or laser
²⁾ Measured with 455 nm cut filter
³⁾ Measured with EOP120 and OFG424 fiber bundle at 500 nm wavelength, a signal-to-noise ratio of 10:1 and without averaging
⁴⁾ Directly after calibration relative to the calibration standard
⁵⁾ For the shortest integration time, a sufficient signal level and averaging of 10; noise is reduced further at higher averaging
⁶⁾Applies to LS100-130 light source after 1 hour of warming up and averaging of 10

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