chlorophyll meter spad-502plus

Konica Minolta SPAD-502Plus is a tool for non-destructive measurement of leaf.

The SPAD-502Plus enables fast and easy measurement of chlorophyll content of plant leaves without damaging the leaf. It is designed to help users improve crop quality and increase crop yield by providing an indication of the amount of  chlorophyll present in plant leaves. The chlorophyll content of plant leaves is related to the condition of the plant and thus can be used to determine when additional fertilizer is necessary. Chlorophyll content is one indication of plant health and can be used to optimize the timing and quantity of applying additional fertilizer to provide larger crop yields of higher quality with lower environmental load.

The SPAD-502Plus determines the relative amount of chlorophyll present by measuring the abosrbance of the leaf in two wavelength.

The SPAD-502Plus serves in a wide variety of plant applications. Through its history, the SPAD series has established itself as a leading brand in chlorophyll measurement across the world. IT has bee serving reasearchers and growers, enabling them to perform field tests quickly and easily.

The SPAD-502Plus is lightweight and splash proof design makes it ideal for measurement in the field.

Agriculture for Whear | Rice | Corn | Cotton | Pineapple etc.

Chlorophyll Meter SPAD-502Plus
  • Quick, easy measurement of chlorophyll levels in plant leaves without damaging the leaf
  • Compact and lightweight for portability
  • Trend graph display
  • Water-resistant
  • Low power consumption
Principal Applications
  • Monitoring of growth and health of plants
  • Nitrogen fertilization optimization
Chlorophyll Meter SPAD-502Plus
Measurement methodOptical density difference at two wavelengths
Measurement area2 mm×3 mm
Subject thickness1.2 mm maximum
Subject insertion depth12 mm (with stopper having position adjustable from 0 to 6 mm)
Light source2 LED elements
Receptor1 SPD (silicon photodiode)
DisplayLCD panel showing 4-digit measurement value (values shown to first decimal place) and 2-digit number of measurements; Trend graph of values in memory can also be shown.
Display range-9.9 to 199.9 SPAD units
Memory functionMemory capacity for up to 30 values; Calculation/display of average of data in memory also possible
Power source2 AA-size alkaline batteries
Battery lifeMore than 20,000 measurements (when using new alkaline batteries under Konica Minolta test conditions)
Minimum interval between measurementsApprox. 2 seconds
AccuracyWithin ±1.0 SPAD units (for SPAD value between 0.0 and 50.0 under normal temperature/humidity)
“*” added to display when measurement exceeds 50.0 SPAD units
RepeatabilityWithin ±0.3 SPAD units
(SPAD value between 0.0 and 50.0 with no change in sample position)
Dimensions78 (W) ×164 (H) ×49 (D) mm
Weight200 g (excluding batteries)