Spectrophotometer CM-25cG

45°c:0° method (45° circumferential illumination, 0° vertical viewing)
CIE No.15, ISO 7724/1, ASTM E179, DIN 5033-7, JIS Z 8722 compliant
DetectorDual 40-element silicon photodiode arrays
Spectral separation devicePlanar diffraction grating
Wavelength range360 nm to 740 nm
Wavelength pitch10 nm (approx. 10 nm FWHM)
Reflectance range0 to 175%, resolution: 0.01%
Light sourcePulsed Xenon Lamp
Measurement timeApprox. 1.0 second
Minimum interval between measurementsApprox. 2.0 seconds
Battery performanceStandalone: Approx. 3000 measurements (at 10s intervals at 23°C)
Bluetooth®: Approx. 1000 measurements (at 10s intervals at 23°C)
MAV: Ø8.0 mm / 12 x 16 mm
SAV: Ø3.0 mm / 12 x 16 mm
RepeatabilityStandard deviation within ΔE*ab 0.04 (Measurement conditions: White calibration plate measured 30 times at 10-second intervals after white calibration was performed)
Within ΔE*ab 0.15 (Average for 12 BCRA Series II color tiles compared to values measured with master body at 23°C)
60° ISO 2813, ISO 7668, ASTM D523, ASTM D2457, DIN 67530, JIS Z8741, JIS K5600 compliant optical system
DetectorSilicon photo diode 
Reflectance range0-200 GU; Output/display resolution:0.01 GU
Light source White LED
MAV: Ø10 mm
SAV: Ø3.0 mm
Repeatability0 – 10 GU:
±0.1GU10 – 100 GU:
±0.2GU>100 GU:
Gloss value (MAV):
0 – 10 GU:
10 – 100 GU:
(MAV.  Compared to values measured with a master body under Konica Minolta standard conditions)
InterfaceUSB 2.0 Standard, Bluetooth® Optional
CIE Observer2° and 10° CIE standard colorimetric observer
CIE IlluminantsA, C, D50, D65, F2, F6, F7, F8, F10, F11, F12, ID50, ID65, User illuminant
(simultaneous evaluation with two light sources possible)
Display dataSpectral values/graph, colorimetric values/graph, colour difference values/graph, PASS/FAIL judgment, pseudo colour, colour assessment
Color space / Colorimetric
XYZ, Yxy, CIELAB, CIELCh, HunterLAB, ∆E*ab, ∆E94, ∆E00, CMC (I:c), ∆EHunter, MI, Munsell, WI (ASTM E313-73/96; CIE(WI/Tint)), YI (ASTM E313-73/96; ASTM D1925), ISO Brightness 
Data memoryTargets: 2500
Samples: 7500
Power sourceRechargeable Lithium-Ion battery, USB bus power
(W × H × L) [mm]
81 x 81 x 224
Weight [g]Approx. 600 (with battery)
Display languagesEnglish, French, German, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Turkish, Chinese (simplified), Japanese
Display2.7-inch TFT color LCD
Operating temperature /
humidity range
5 – 40°C, relative humidity 80% or less (at 35°C) with no condensation
Storage temperature /
humidity range
0 – 45°C, relative humidity 80% or less (at 35°C) with no condensation
Standard accessoriesCalibration stage, Lithium-Ion battery, flat-type battery cover, wrist strap, USB cable, USB power supply
Optional AccessoriesHard case, Battery charger and spare batteries, stapler-type target mask, Bluetooth®module, SpectraMagic™ DX software