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Radiant Vision Systems Malaysia Distributor

DST Technology & Services Sdn Bhd is the appointed exclusive distributor in Malaysia for Radiant Vision System in Jan 2019 by Konica Minolta sensing Singapore Pte Ltd. Radiant Vision Systems develops advanced imaging solutions to address your most demanding inspection challenges. Our systems evaluate light, color, manufacturing integrity, and surface quality more effectively and efficiently than other methods, improving design and inspection of illuminated displays, light sources, and device assemblies. Engineered to replicate the human eye’s sensitivity to visible wavelengths of light, our photometric cameras enable you to meet customer expectations for high-value devices. More

rhopoint id

Rhopoint ID Imaging Transmission Appearance Meter

Introducing the worlds first imaging transmission meter measures optical appearance correlated to human vision developed by Rhopoint Instruments. Rhopoint ID uses a new metric termed Illumination Diffusion (ID), in response to an industry call to find an improved method for characterising the transmission characteristics of transparent materials. The Rhopoint ID precisely capturing the visual effects of diffuse scattering of illumination light as it passes through a material. Based on an imaging method, it is configured to specifically match the human perception of transparency. The instrument outputs in-contact optical properties, as well as their variation with specimen-to-object separation distance, while on-demand probing local or spatially-averaged specimen areas. For more


Konica Minolta Spectrophotometer CM-26dG

Introducing Konica Minolta new 2-in-1 portable handheld spectrophotometer CM-26dG built with d:8° Geometry plus 60° gloss measurement.  The new spectrophotometer CM-26dG is designed and built with horizontal alignment that can fit into narrow spaces and is convenient for high-precision color and gloss measurement of smooth or textured samples. It offers unprecedented accuracy/inter-instrument agreement (IIA), usually reserved for laboratory-grade instrumentation. This precision will allow superior color communication throughout the supply chain from supplier to final assembly. The inter-instrument agreement of the chromaticity value (average for 12 BCRA color tiles) is within ΔE 0.12 for the CM-26dG spectrophotometer, an improvement of about 40% from previous models. More


The Malaysian Palm Oil Board (MPOB) will be hosting the International Palm Oil Congress and Exhibition, PIPOC 2019 at Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre (KLCC) on the 19th till 21st November 2019, the biggest conference involving the oils and fats community. Since its initiation in 1984, PIPOC has become a much-awaited international event offering the latest developments and technologies for oils and fats, particularly palm oil.

PIPOC is an ideal platform to share and deliberate on the latest advances in the oil palm industry with over 400 exhibitors to showcase its new and existing technologies as well as an impressive line up of world renowned scientists.

DS Technology & Services Sdn Bhd will be participating in this upcoming PIPOC 2019 event held in Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre from 19th till 21st November 2019. We will be show casing a wide range of Konica Minolta color instrument for agriculture application.  Come visit us at booth no. 349.