Radiant Vision Systems

prometric imaging colorimter & photometer

Radiant Vision Imaging Photometer and Colorimeter is calibrated to replicate human photopic response to brightness and color. The measurement instruments are CCD-based camera systems designed to make precise, spatial measurements of luminance and chromaticity. These systems are used to design and qualify light-emitting elements and devices according to how they will be visually experienced by human users.

imaging goniometer

Radiant Vision Imaging Goniometer is a fully-automated goniometric systems are combined with a ProMetric® Imaging Colorimeter or Photometer and specialized software to capture a precise, comprehensive model of a light source’s near-field output.


Radiant Vision application software packages are used with ProMetric Imaging Colorimeters or a Truetest Automated Inspection software as a complete solution to accomplish specialized testing and calibration tasks in R&D, production line, or in-field environments