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Illuminance and Luminance Characterization For Large Light Sources

ProMetric® Near-Field Measurement System is built and designed to characterize luminance distribution data for developers of large light sources for automotive, transportation, architectural and many other applications. PM-NFMS captures a complete near-field model of the light source, it provides much more comprehensive information – in a much smaller measurement space – than can be obtained from traditional spot meter-based measurements.

Radiant Visiton Systems PM-NFMS consists of a ProMetric Imaging Colorimeter, a two-axis goniometer for precisely adjusting the display’s angular position relative to the imaging colorimeter, and PM-NFMS software that controls both the imaging colorimeter and the goniometer during the measurement sequence. The PM-NFMS software also includes a comprehensive set of data analysis tools. PM-NFMS can output IES format files, EULUMDAT files, illuminance distribution on a plane as table, and Radiant Source Model™ (RSM) files. RSM files can be used to generate either photopic, colorimetric, or spectral ray sets for use in optical design tools by using ProSource® Software. Learn more


Large light source characterization: luminance, intensity, color vs. angle | Intensity distribution
measurement |  Creation of IES, EULUMDAT (LDT), and Radiant Source Model™ files for large light

Radiant Vision Systems ProMetric Near Field Measurement system

  • Full ±90° range of motion in two axes
  • Laser alignment tool provided to minimize set-up error
  • Two sizes of goniometer, with fully automated measurement control
  • Compatible with any ProMetric® Imaging Colorimeter or Photometer
  • Near-field to far-field extrapolation integrated into analysis software
  • Easier, more intuitive spectrometer setup
  • Support for angle coordinates from Type A, B, and C goniometers

System Recommendations

  • 3.0 GHz and 8 cores
  • 16 – 32 GB RAM
  • Windows 7 or 10, 64 bits
  • Ethernet 100/1000 or USB 2.0

Radiant Vision Systems ProMetric Near Field Measurement System

Model / Mechanical SpecificationNFMS-400NFMS-800
Maximum DUT size ( W x H) mm**500 X 380865 X 535
Maximum DUT diagonal, mm**6301000
Overall system size ( W x D x H) mm795 X 675 X 6601040 X 810 X 710
operating footprint mm970 X 9701400 X 1400
Maximum DUT load5 kg25  kg
Range of motion, upper axis±90°±90°
Range of motion, lower axis±90°±90°
Weight (approximate)25 kg40 kg

Sepcifications subject to change without prior notice
** Larger, high aspect ratio, DUTs can be measured. Contact Radiant for further information.
    Applicable when using imaging colorimeter