rhopoint id

The Worlds First Imaging Transmission Meter Measures Optical Appearance Correlated To Human Vision

Rhopoint ID (Illumination Diffusion) Transmission Appearance Meter is designed and built in response to an industry call to find an improved method for characterising the transmission characteristics of transparent materials. It uses Optical measurement of transparent materials that correlates to human perception.

The cloudy, “hazy” appearance of transparent materials is an important attribute that determines their suitability for applications. For example, packaging materials are typically required to be maximally transparent in order to reproduce the vivid colours and finer details of the product, while for cosmetics a high opacity may be desired. The conventional methods for quantifying the appearance of transparent materials typically employ a dedicated “haze-meter” instrument configured to quantify the amount of light scattered over a certain range of angles from the direction of the incident beam.

Rhopoint ID is available in 2 models

  1. Rhopoint ID-E : Contact model
  2. Rhopoint ID-L :  Contact and Non-contact  

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Rhopoint ID (Illumination Diffusion) Transmission Appearance Meter

  • Optical measurement of transparent materials that correlates to human perception
  • Measure what the eye can see
  • Contact and non-contact measurement
  • Operate in stand alone mode
  • Measures (ID) with the sample material in contact with test target
  • Suitable for sheeted material up to 300μm thicknes

Rhopoint ID (Illumination Diffusion) Transmission Appearance Meter

MODELRhopoint ID-ERhopoint ID-L
Operate in standalone modexx
Software for advanced analysis x
Measures [ID] with the sample material in contact with test targetxx
Replicate reaal world conditions with a user variable gap between the sample material and test target x
suitable for sheet materials up to 300μm thicknessxx
Live view makes it easy to position test sample and locate specific areas of interest x
Save, reload and compare test data and images x
Measure multiple samples with batch and trend anaysis x
Assess and compare test materials with a specially designed visual test area on the target image x
Measure sample homogeneity and directionality in detailed sample results and images x
Measure any planar material with thickness up to serveral mm x
Measurement Range0 ~ 100%
Repeatability0.05 SD*
Reproducibility0.10 SD*
Effective operating rangeMaterials T → 60%
Measurement ModeContact OnlyContact and Non-contact
Non-contact DistanceN/AUp to 40mm
Material Thickness← 300μm←30mm
SoftwareN/ARhopoint ID-Analysis
ConnectionN/AUSB/Ehternet LAN
Spatial resolution12μm
Image area20 mm x 20 mm
Min Area – ID12 x 8 mm6 x 2 mm
Min Area – T12 x 8 mm2 x 2 mm
Image FormatN/A16 Bit Tiff
Image SizeN/A1280 x 1024
Operating temperature 10 ~ 40°C
Dimensions h x Ø470 x 125 mm
Weight [Kg]4.15
Packed Weight7 Kg*
Included AccessoriesCalibration Check3 x 2 mm distance spacers¹

*draft specification
¹Custom spacers available on request