DS Technology & Services Sdn Bhd is not just about selling the products but also provides further support to our value customers by organizing free educational color seminars cum workshop. From the seminar customers will get a better understanding and overview of color measurements and more.

Types of seminar:

  1. Color and Appearance Measurement

  2. Light and Display Measurement

The seminar consist of many different modules cater for different type of industries and applications. Many customers (just to name a few) i.e Sony, Panasonic, Toyota, PERODUA, PROTON, MARDI, UiTM, UPM, OSRAM, Avago Technologies etc. have benefited from this seminar.

Terms & Condition apply. For further details please send in your request to


Our service also extend to include, inspection, repair and calibrate Konica Minolta range of Chroma meter and spectrophotometer as well as Chlorophyll meter. Please send in your request to for more information.