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Compact And Entry Level For LEDs and Small LED Module Characterization

The compact LEDGON Goniophotometer was specially developed for analysis of angle-dependent spatial radiation patterns from individual LEDs and small LED modules. The entire hemisphere can be measured in the forward direction of the LED. The angular resolution of 0.1° means that exact measured values can be obtained even for narrow-angled LEDs with a high level of reproducibility.

The LEDGON 100 Goniophotometer is also ideal for precise measurement of radiant power and luminous flux. Potential measuring errors that can be caused by the geometry of integrating spheres are not encountered with goniometric measurement of luminous flux. Instrument Systems has developed an appropriate function for SpecWin Pro software that allows fully automated measurement. However, it should be noted that the angular range for the theta axis is ± 100° and hence a measurement is not possible in 4π.

The LEDGON 100 is compatible with all spectrometers supplied by Instrument Systems. The CAS 140D is ideal because it has a very large dynamic measuring range. This permits fully automated measurement of the radiation pattern, even for test specimens where the intensity varies significantly over the angle.

The measured data can be exported in the IES and EULUMDAT format for use in simulation programs.

LEDGON 100 Goniophotometer

  • Accurate determination of the luminous intensity distributionand luminous flux at LEDs and small LED modules
  • Angular-resolved analysis of spectral and colorimetric quantities
  • Type C configuration with motorized phi and theta axis
  • Compatible with all spectrometers manufactured by Instrument Systems
  • Data export in IES and EULUMDAT format

LEDGON 100 Goniophotometer

ModelLEDGON Goniophotometer
LEDGON 100 basic unit
Angular range Theta axis : approx.  ±100°; phi axis: 360°
Angular accuracyTheta axis : approx.  0.1°; phi axis: 1°
LED-130 sample table
Clamping distance2 x 15 mm
Sample dimension max112 x 112 x 48 mm (W  x L x H)
Maximum sample weight700 g
Voltage supply10 x 0.1 mm max 1A; 2 x 0.75 mm max. 6A
LEDGON -131 XT translation stage
Travel range49 mm per axis
Sample dimension max.64 x 85 x 25 mm (W x L x H)

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